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Millbrook Kitchen Cabinets

Millbrook Kitchen Cabinets for those who want variety of features and quality, but with more affordability and value. All wood, dovetail drawers, self-closing glides, molding, concealed hinges and more create better cabinets. Because we know, better cabinets are the key to make a better kitchen. It is just that easy.

Millbrook Kitchens, Inc. can offer you a money saving product with the following services:


What You Need to Know About Our Finish Steps:

  1. Millbrook Kitchen, Inc.® Cabinets select the best Maple. All surfaces are progressively sanded smooth starting with #180 grit sandpaper and finished with #240 grit sandpaper.
  2. After sanding, surfaces are vacuumed to eliminate all dust particles.
  3. Equalizer stains are simultaneously applied to balance the base color of the wood.
  4. Toner is then applied to establish consistent color and uniformity.
  5. A deep penetrating stain is applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the grain.
  6. All stained surfaces are then evenly hand-rubbed and wipe clean of excess stain.
  7. To complete the Old World technique of hand staining, the product is slowly air-dried.
  8. Flyspeck distressing is hand-applied for selected finishes requiring this furniture look.
  9. Millbrook Kitchen, Inc.® specially formulated Hi Solids Wood Sealer is pressure applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.
  10. All surfaces are again hand-sanded providing a smooth, consistent surface to accept topcoat.
  11. PU topcoat is placed to dry in a clean and centrally-windy space to lessen dust particles on surface of the product.


Standard Construction Features:

Plywood Frameless Box:

Particle Board Frameless Box: